Donít like how the beta skins look blurry, unpolished, and unfinished looking? Did it bother that they don't look as good as the Team Fortress 2 Texture Improvement Pack? Did it bother you that Heavy was a fingernail-less freak?

Be bothered no more, as the HD Beta Pack is here! No class or team is left behind in this stunning revamp of the beta skins you know and love. The classes now wear DEODORANT! This wonderful pack is made by two wonderful people. Stachekip, the beta-enthusiast who doesn't let a single problem go untouched, and Dr. Pyspy, the person who could care less as long as she gets paid Together, they bring you the HD BETA PACK! These bold tags in html are USEFUL for GETTING YOUR POINT ACROSS! FUCKING INCREDIBLE!

This pack contains many optionals to suit your beta needs. Like class emblems? Good for you, here's some emblems! Hate class emblems? Nice, Heavy and Sniper are up for getting rid of theirs! Do you like the beta faces, but hate how low-quality the models were? DrPyspy made some nice textures to emulate them! Do you prefer cream spirit or team spirit gloves? Stachekip has a nice texture set for that! All here in the pack.

"Holy Mother of - This is.. I'm just speachless! Finally my TF2 Beta mods in my TF2 got their final touch! Thank you SO much! I wish I could Hug or High Five you Ingame mate!!" -PJX
Crisp and clean with stunning attention to detail.
Look at this fine-ass screenshot.

Beta-Style Faces: The HWM faces edited to resemble the faces from trailers 1 and 2. Maximum stubble overdrive.

Gloveless Heavy: After 4 years of Heavy wearing his gloves, he decided he needed to kill cowards with bare hands.

Beta-Styled Lighting: Before Valve had the idea to make the characters stand out using the power of a super nova.

And Some Other Things: Pretty sure we're gonna have a screenshots section eventually, so we'll show these too.

Player Skins: Lovely high-quality player skins made from the TF2TIP and Pyspy's own AO bakes.

Delicious Bumpmaps: Now the armbands look like actual cloth instead of paint.

Fixed Miscs & Hats: We don't know anyone who likes the spy having a magical disco suit, so we fixed that too.

Optionals Everywhere: Beta canister colors, alternate class emblems, color modifications, etc.